Q. How does the Coagulator Kit work?

A. ‘Electro-coagulation’ uses the power of electricity to change the electrical charges of different particles in water. This causes these particles to clump together As electricity passes through the cathode, metal ions are released into the water. On the surface of the cathode, water is split into hydrogen gas (H2) and hydroxyl groups (OH-). When electricity flows through the water towards the anode, surface charges on suspended solids are destabilized. This reaction causes suspended solids, metals, emulsified oils, and other contaminants to clump together, forming what is called flocculent. As electricity flows
into the anode, metal ions (Me+) are released from the electrode and attach to the flocculent. Because the anode is slowly losing metal ions, it is also called the sacrificial electrode. The flocculent may either float to the surface or sink to the bottom depending on the density and structure of the contaminants. This process is a pre-treatment which can make filtration much easier and more efficient.


Q. How is this program helping clean water in places that need it?

A. Our goal is to spread awareness of DIY water purification processes starting with electro-coagulation. We want to send curriculum and hardware to places that want to test this process on water that is causing them issues. We believe the technology is simple and versatile enough to have a huge impact on how people around the globe tackle water treatment.