You have a coagualtor kit.
Now what?

Make sure your kit has all the items listed below.


Additional Items You Will Need

Non Filtered Water
Container or Cup to Pour Liquid
Extension Cord
Extra Table Salt
Extra Coffee Filters
Paper Towels


Always stay cautious and aware of surroundings when operating the coagulator kit. There is a small current that runs through the electrodes when in operation. As soon as the usb is plugged in the current will run through the alligator clips. Although it is a small current do not touch the exposed metal alligator clips and/or the electrodes once the power is on. Keep in mind that hydrogen is created which is combustive so do not pull clips off electrode while in operation this could cause a spark. Also note that small amounts of chlorine are produced when using salt in the mixture. 

When operating the kits please do so in a large well ventilated room.


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